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House No. 3-1-24, Old Bazar,

Mahabubabad, (Dist), 506 101,

Telengana, India.

Phone: +919032544988 (Mobile)

Email: nageshmsc@gmail.com



  • Bacteriology and Immunology,
  • Cellular & Molecular Biology,
  • Mycology, Virology and Parasitology,
  • Molecular Radiation Biology,
  • Experimental Oncology and Therapeutics,
  • Natural products - biological activity and genotoxicology,
  • Environmental Toxicology and Occupational Hazards,
  • Heavy metal toxicology



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), (2011)

Life Sciences Centre, Manipal University, Manipal.

Dissertation: Preclinical studies on the antagonistic effect of Zingerone, a phenolic alkanone against gamma radiation

Master of Science (M.Sc), (1999)

 M.Sc. (Medical) Microbiology from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore (MAHE).

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), (1996)

Microbiology from Kakatiya University



Positions held:


Professor of Microbiology                                  19th April 2018– Till date

Mamata Medical College,

Khammam, Telangana, India.


Associate Professor of Microbiology                 11th Mar 2015 – 18th April 2018

Mamata Medical College,

Khammam, Telangana, India.

Assistant Professor of Microbiology                 1st Jan. 2004 – 10th Mar 2015

Mamata Medical College, Khammam,

Andhra Pradesh, India.

Tutor/Lecturer of Microbiology                        1st Jan. 2000 – 31st Dec 2003

Mamata Medical College, Khammam,

Andhra Pradesh, India.



  • Awarded “ Young Scientist Award” at Mamata Medical College in 2015
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship (IRIS No. 2006-06120) by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Govt. of India, New Delhi.


    • Indian Association for Medical Microbiologists (IAMM)
    • Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB)




  • Well experienced in reporting routine clinical microbiology investigations in the hospital laboratory at University Medical Centre (A unit of Manipal Academy of higher Education) Mangalore, India.
  • Operation of Automated Vitek system for the Bacteriological Studies and Identification.
  • Experienced in the newer methods of Microbiological investigations by ELISA techniques.
  • Experienced in the cellular biology techniques in assessing DNA damage and repair assays like FADU assay, g- H2AX foci, Comet assay and image analysis.
  • Tissue culture handling of various cell lines and primary cultures and assays like the micronuclei, chromosomal aberration assay, cell viability assays and Clonogenic survival assays in vitro.
  • Experienced in the techniques like western blotting, Flow cytometric analysis, Apoptosis assays, Immunohistochemistry, Histochemical staining and Enzyme activity assays.
  • Animal handling of mice and rats and experiments related to tumor studies with Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.
  • Human peripheral blood lymphocyte micronuclei assay and chromosomal aberration assay.
  • Mice bone marrow and splenocyte culture for micronuclei and chromosomal aberration studies.
  • Antioxidant Enzymatic studies and genotoxicity studies.




  • Bacteriological study of Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Isolation and Identification of Aerobic Bacterial Flora in eyes of Normal persons
  • Screening for HIV-1 and HIV-2, Antibodies by ELISA, in voluntary blood donors at district hospital in Khammam
  • A study on Antibiotic resistance among the Moraxella in Chronic Respiratory Infections.
  • Incidence of Hepatitis-C among voluntary blood donors at General Hospital in Khammam
  •  Study of osteoporosis in ovariectomized mice with Raman Spectroscopy
  • Cytoprotective and anti-genotoxic effects of flavonoids and a glucosylxanthone on cadmium induced toxicity in HEPG2 cell line
  • Study of the cytotoxic effect of Juglone, a naphthoquinone against estrogen positive and estrogen negative breast cancer cells.
  • Study of spectral changes in osteoporotic bone obtained from ovariectomised mice using fluorescence spectroscopy and validation by biochemical and histological parameters
  • Influence of Mangiferin on mercuric chloride induced genotoxicity and apoptotic cell death in human hepatoma (HepG2) cells
  • Modulation of mercuric chloride cytotoxicity by Mangiferin in human liver carcinoma (Hep G2) cells.
  • Cadmium gentoxicity and changes in antioxidant enzymes influenced by Mangiferin in Swiss Albino mice.
  • To assess the protective effect of N-acetyl cysteine towards radiation induced DNA damage and misrejoining.



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  • B. Nageshwar Rao, Understanding and Implimenting outcome based education OBE work shop – MAHSA University, Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia April 2013.
  • B. Nageshwar Rao and B. S. Satish Rao: Radiomodifying and anticlastogenic potential of zingerone presented at the International Conference on Radiation Biology & Translational Research on Radiation Oncology held at Jaipur from Nov. 10-12, 2008.
  • B. Nageshwar Rao, M.S. Baliga, Ponemone Venkatesh, Rosi Reddy, J.N. Ulloor and G.C. Jagetia : Abana, a polyherbal rasayana protects against radiation-induced mortality presented at the International Conference on Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Health, disease and radiation and Annual Conference of Society for Free Radical Research - India (SFRR) held at Kolkatta from  Jan. 16-18, 2006.
  • B. Nageshwar Rao and G.C. Jagetia: Liv 52, a poly herbal extract protects mouse against the radiation-induced lethality presented at the International conference on Low Dose Radiation Effects on Human Health held at Varanasi from Nov. 20-22, 2006.
  • Participated in “1st ISRB Workshop on Application of Advanced Techniques in Biomedical Research at the Department of Radiobiology”, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, 23rd May to 4th June 2005.
  • Participated in the “XXII National Congress of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists” held at Manipal in November 19998.
  • Participated in a work shop on “Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Medical Microbiology with special emphasis on HIV and Tuberculosis” at National conference of Association of Microbiologists of India, December 1998, Mangalore, India.





1. Dr. B.S. Satish Rao

Professor and Head,

Division of Radiobiology & Toxicology,

Manipal Life Sciences Centre,

Manipal University, Manipal-576104,

Karnataka, India, Tel:  +919901201982, Fax: +91-820-2571919

Email: satishraomlsc@gmail.com (or) rao.satish@manipal.edu


2. Dr. M. S. Valiathan

National Research Professor

Manipal University, Manipal - 576 104

Karnataka, India.

 Phone: +918202922342, 2571201 Ext. 22342 (O)

+918202570491 (R); +918202571919 (Fax)

Email: msvaliathan@gmail.com (or) ms.valiathan@manipal.edu


3. Dr. K. Koteshwer Rao


Mamata Medical College and General Hospital,

4-2-161, Opp. Rotary Nagar,

Khammam- 507002,

Telengana, India. Mobile: +91-9849490524

Email: drkkrao@hotmail.com