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Table of Content-Volume 5 Issue 1 - January 2018
Comparison of sleep and behavioral problems in post discharge children of pediatric intensive care with non-hospitalized controls
Sangeetha Shenoy, Shruti Patil


A study of various risk factors associated with development of severe respiratory distress in the new born at tertiary health care center
Chethan K B, Sandeep Patil, Spoorthi S M, Lakshmidevi

A rare case of Pyruvate Kinase deficiency
Harshal Wagh, Swapnil Mirajkar, Sudha Bhave

A study of determinants of immediate mortality in status epilepticus in children
Sampada Tambolkar, A D Mishra, Manojkumar G Patil , Sneha T, Sharad Agarkhedkar

A study of prevalence of hypoxemia in children with acute lower respiratory infection
Anil Kumar, Mohammad Parvez, Vaihav Jain, Faraz Ahmad Khan

A study of treatment protocols of surviours and non surviours of status epilepticus in children
Manojkumar G Patil, Sampada Tambolkar, A D Mishra, Sneha T, Sharad Agarkhedkar

Pattern of causes of traumatic brain injury in children in a tertiary care center
Jyotirmanju C S, Shruti Patil, Karunakara B P

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