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                       PERSONAL INFORMATION

Tadese Tamire Negash



2Debre Tabor, Ethiopia

34 +251913724684      

5 tadesetamire@gmail.com

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Sex  Male  | Date of birth 12/09/1989| Nationality Ethiopian




Four  and half years



I have worked at Debre Tabor University as an academic staff from November 23, 2013 to February 16, 2015 as an assistant lecturer. Then I joined Addis Ababa University to attend my postgraduate program in Anaesthesia by the sponsorship of Debre Tabor University. Now I am lecturer of Anaesthesia, working as Anaesthetist at Debre Tabor general hospital and a coordinator of Health Science Education Development Centre (HSEDC) at Debre Tabor University, College of Health Sciences. Besides the above roles and responsibilities, I am final year student at Jimma University in collaboration with LMU, Munich, Germany studying master of health professionals’ Education.


Master of Health Professionals’ Education (MHPE) from Jimma University in collaboration with LMU, Munich, Germany since February, 2018
(not graduated yet).                                                      

MSc in Anaesthesia from Addis Ababa University

BSc in Anaesthesia from Jimma University



  • TOT of PBL, 2019
  • Provided curriculum induction training (6x)
  • Provided PBL training (6x)
  • Academic Teachers Training Course at LMU, Munich, Germany, 2018
  • Research Ethics at University of Gonder, 2018
  • National Compassionated, Respectful and Caring Health Work Force Training which was held at Bahr Dar University, 2017.
  • Training on Systematic Review and Meta analysis at DTU, 2017
  • Provided training on SAFE Obstetrics Anaesthesia Course for Anaesthetists in Bahr Dar (2x) and at Dukam (1x), 2017.
  • Provided training on the Use of Pulse oximetry in Amhara, Tigray and Addis Ababa, 2017.
  • I have taken Higher Diploma Course
  • ETS  (Effective Teaching Skill) in 2015 for six days
  • Problem Based Learning training at Debre Tabor University, 2015


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  • I presented my research work at 30th EPHA annual conference, 2019-04-05
  • I presented my research on 14th EAA annual conference, 2018
  • I presented my MSc thesis at Ethiopian Public Health Institute, 2016         
  • I have participated in research conferences and annual association meetings





  • Predictive Values of Preoperative Tests for Difficult Laryngoscopy and Intubation among Adult Patients at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital on Hindawi: Anaesthesiology Research and Practice; https://doi.org/10.1155/2019/1790413


  • Magnitude and Associated factors of awareness with recall under general anaesthesia in Amhara regional state referral hospitals, 2018. (on hindawi- Anesthesiology Research and Practice; https://doi.org/10.1155/2019/7043279)


  • The practice of obtaining informed consent for elective surgery in Debre Tabor General Hospital, 2019, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia........ (under review)




  • I am a member of Ethiopian Association of Anaesthetists since 2015
  • I am a member of Ethiopian Red Cross Society since 2013
  • I am  life member of Ethiopian Public Health Association since 2018


  • Paediatrics Anaesthesia
  • Obstetrics Anaesthesia
  • Clinical Research
  • Health Professionals’ Education


I am optimist, I like to be part of solution, I believe in discussion , I have good interpersonal and communication skill, I like to take feedback from colleagues ...



Going church

Admiring nature

Listening to cultural musics



  • Dr. Tsedeke Asaminew (Head of MHPE, Jimma University)
  • Prof. Mattias Sebeik (Founder of MHPE, Munich, Germany)
  • Dr. Amsalu Molla (  Dean of Health Science College, DTU), 0912056115
  • Mr. Simegnew Kibret (Head of Department of Anaesthesia; Debre Tabor University), 0910045775
  • Mr. Leulayehu Akalu (Head department of Anaesthesia at AAU and president of EAA), 0911235675
  • Mr. Wosenyeleh Admasu (Msc thesis advisor, lecturer at AAU)
  • Sr. Tinbite Daniel (Bsc, Msc, in Anesthesia & lecturer at AAU)
  • Dr. Yemane Ayele ( Head of Department of Anaesthesiology, Jimma University), 0917804271



 Research Article on Predictive Values of preoperative tests for difficult laryngoscopy and intubation among adult patients at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, 2016

  •  TOT on  PBL
  •  Higher Diploma
  •  Effective Teaching Skill
  •  World Federation Society of Anaesthesiologists SAFE Obstetrics Course
  •  Life Box : Training on Pulseoximeter