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Table of Content - Volume 5 January to March 2018
Correlation between LDH isoenzyme and lipid profile on the development of ischemic heart disease
Madhu Sinha, Yogesh Krishna Sahay, Moumita Goswami

Study on correlation between high density lipoprotein and cardiac markers in patients of type II diabetes mellitus complicated with hypertension
Kavita Jaiswal, Niru Chhetri

Study of electrolyte imbalance in AMI
A M Siddiqui, Sujata M Gaikwad, A R Shinde

Comparison of Lipoprotein(a) value with lipid profile in subject of age group 20 – 40 years in rural and urban population of Kishanganj district
Sheereen Tarannum, Khalid Ansari

Fasting insulin predicts an insulin resistance: A meta analysis using western countries data
Kavindra Borgaonkar, Ranjit Patil, Pradeep Benjarge

Erythrocyte CAT, GPx and GR levels in pregnant anemic woman
S B Gaikwad, K N Pujari, P A Waghmare

Study of uric acid levels among patients with myocardial infarction (MI) attending a teaching hospital
Vasundhara Devi Dundi, Nagababu Pyadala, Rathnagiri Polavarapu

Creatinine estimation by compensated Jaffe method and enzymatic method - A comparative study
D Merriwin, P M Abraham Sam Rajan, N Ananthi

Assessment of Hypothyroidism among Type II DM patients attending in a rural teaching hospital, Sangareddy
Pawan Arun Kulkarni, Nagababu Pyadala, Sarala Devi Tenepalli, Rathnagiri Polavarapu

Assessment of thyroid dysfunction among diabetic patients attending to a rural teaching hospital
Vasundhara Devi Dundi, Nagababu Pyadala, Rathna Giri Polavarapu


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