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Associate Editor's Profile


NAME:                                   Srikanth Sajja
FATHER’S NAME:                Late Dr.S.Tatarao
DATE OF BIRTH:                 30-10-1970
SEX:                                       Male
MARITAL STATUS:             Married 
PERMANENT ADDRESS:   Dr.S.Srikanth, Flat 304; Dno: 6-142/1; Golden Castle;
                                               Near Penamaluru P.S, Kanuru -520007 Vijayawada; A.P, India
OFFICEADDRESS:               Dr.S.Srikanth, Professor and Head , Dept of Physiology ,Dr.Pinnamaneni     Siddhartha Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation , Chinnavutapalli-521286 , A.P , India
                                                Email: minni_shp@yahoo.com
                                                Tel Ph: +91 9490512822


UNDEGRADUATE:M.B.B.S., from Guntur Medical College, Guntur (1989-1996) Affiliated to DR.NTRUHS, Vijayawada, A.P
POST GRADUATE:M.D (Physiology) from Guntur Medical College, Guntur (2001-2004) Affiliated to DR.NTRUHS, Vijayawada.A.P
Fifteen years of Teaching Experience for M.B.B.S., B.D.S, MSc ( Med Phy) courses ; M.D (Phy) Teaching since 3 years.
Worked as Assistant Professor in the Dept of Physiology at Dr.PSIMS &RF,Chinnavutapalli -521286 from Jan 2004 till Jan, 2009.
As Associate Professor in the Dept of Physiology at ASRAM Medical college, Eluru from Feb, 2009 – May, 2010.
As Associate Professor in the Dept of Physiology at Dr.PSIMS &RF,Chinnavutapalli from May, 2010 till Jan, 2013.
Promoted as Professor in the Dept of Physiology  inFeb,2013and presently working as Professor and Head, Dept of Physiology at Dr.PSIMS & RF,Chinnavutapalli.A.P from Sepember2017
Examinerfor M.B.B.S; B.D.S; MSc (MedPhy) for various Universities like Dr.NTRUHS, RGUHS Karnataka, SaveethaUniversity,Tamilnadu.
Examiner for M.D ( physiology) Dr.NTRUHS , Vijayawada.
Chaired Scientific Session in Physicon 2011 &Physicon 2013conducted at NRI Medical college 2011&Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences 2013( National Conference conducted by PSI )
RecognizedGuide for PhD Programme in Physiology, Dr.NTRUHS, Vijayawada. A.P India(FromFeb, 2015).
Guide for ICMR STS Projects in Physiology - 2011,2014, 2015
Trained in Basic Medical Education course along with AETCOM
1) Life Member of IMA[Indian Medical Association]
2) Life member of APPI[Association of Physiologists& Pharmacologists of    India]
3) Life member of PSI [Physiological Society of India]
4) Life member Association of Physiologists of India[ ASSOPI]
5) Life member Andhra Pradesh Medical Educators Association APMEA

Assistant Editor in IJMRR(International Journal of Medical Research &Review )&Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences-Biomedical Review 2014
Editorial Board member in WOAR(World Organization of Academic Research) Journal – IJPMR (International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Medical Research )2014
Editorial Board Member -Advanced Medical Sciences (International Journal )2014
Associate Editorial Board memberSJAMS (Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences)SJMCR  (Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports) 2014
IOSR Journals(International Organization Of Scientific Research – Journal of Dental & Medical Sciences IOSR JDMS) 2014    
Reviewer in British Biomedical Bulletin2014; Asian Journal of Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical sciences (AJPNMS) 2015;
Reviewer & Editorial member inInternational Journal of Health Sciences and Research [IJHSR] 2015
Advisory Editorial Board member in Medico Research Chronicle 2014
Editorial Board member – American Research Journal of Medicine and Surgery (ARJMS) 2014;Science Journal of Clinical Medicine 2014
 Reviewer of Science Publishing Group,USA - American Journal of Sports Science (AJSS) ; Science Journal of Public Health (SJPH) 2014
Editorial Board member – International Journal of Medicine & Health Research (Advance Journals) 2015
Member of Scientific Advisory Board - National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2015
Advisory Editorial Board Member of Universal Journal of Medical Sciences 2014
Reviewer for SCIRP JOURNALS – Neuroscience and Medicine; Journal of Diabetes Mellitus2015
Editorial Board member - International Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology (ARC journals) 2015
Editorial Board Member – Applied Physiology and Anatomy Digest (APAD) 2016

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2) Srikanth1, PragathiBh2.''Pulmonary Function tests in type II Diabetics in correlation with fasting blood glucose”.Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(4):756-761.International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences. [IJMRHS]
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21) Srikanth S1, Sadguru Nandini2.  Menstrual hygienic practices and prevalence of premenstrual syndrome in medical students. Indian Journal of Applied Research 2019:9(8); 55-57.
22)  Srikanth S1, Kamireddy Maniteja2. Quality of Sleep and Academic Performance in Medical Students.2019: 8(7); 141-145.

Techniques Known

Cryopreservation of cell lines and handling
Mammalian and human cell culture and culture media preparation
Total RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis from RNA
PCR from cDNA, Real time PCR
Staining cells with DAPI, Purification techniques
MTT Assay/Comet Assay
Routine haematological tests, Amphibian and Mammalian Techniques including stereotaxic, Polygraph and Histological preparation.
Routine Biochemical Experiments, Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometry,        
Routine Microbiological experiments (including tests for identification of    bacteria, WIDAL, VDRL, and Antibiotic Sensitivity tests, ELISAbdul Waheed Ansari